‘I Love You’

Be the shoulder I can lean on Lend an ear to my troubled mind Wipe my desperate tears Massage my exhausted back Don’t just say the three-letter word Relieve me of dishwashing  As I change our son’s diapers Iron our clothes as I set the table Give me the thrill of a home-prepared meal One… Continue reading ‘I Love You’


When Laisy found a door halfway opened, she took it as a sign. She was welcome. No second thoughts. And so did Lolla. So, they met there by chance. For Laisy, anywhere was better than being at home. It just felt right. Right in every way: no fancy murals, family pictures or bright colours. No… Continue reading Lolla

The Sign

 Hilda had really restrained herself for some time. An agitation started to creep in. Without warning, all her past experiences came flashing back. She tried to distract herself but that didn’t work. For some reason, a thought that everyone at Meet cafe was staring at her uneasy demeanor gripped her. She tried to calm herself… Continue reading The Sign