Sarah had known him for some time now and something was terribly wrong. He had definitely changed. Some believed it was for the better but, others for the worse. For Sarah, his change affected her personally- in a good and bad way. She no longer felt small or weird in his eyes or in anybody’s… Continue reading Brian


The junco bird Flapped its tiny wings¬† longing for freedom once had  It was pointless, and she knew it  But with gusto, she pressed on  Oblivious of the cell she was in  She glanced this and that way  It would dawn, soon, she hoped  And so was her mistress; trapped  By her own self, in… Continue reading Trapped


¬†Margaret glances at him as he adjusts his glasses holding a list. She shakes her head and sighs. How dreadful such times are. Her heart sinks at the knowledge of what it all means. She should have gotten used to this but every time it happens, she gets heartbroken. Being in her final year, time… Continue reading Margaret