I Know Better

Through my folks, I learnt

That they’re not like me- light,

Brilliant, exposed and out-going

That they’re doomed and cursed

Ignorance led me to hate that which 

I didn’t fully comprehend 

My history lesson made it worse

For ages, this had been the norm

That few indeed questioned.

My neighbor enjoyed teasing Keila,

‘A Monkey from Africa’ he insulted

She always wore a gloomy face.

Today, I know better than mistreat

Or discriminate against anyone 

If I were them- I feel their anguish

None of us choose to be us

And hence none of us has the right

To point fingers, look in disdain

With the new lens will I appreciate 

The uniqueness and  the splendor

Of all God’s creation, and never again

Join the ideation of the incognizant

They too need to forsake their ways

And history will change forever.

Categorized as Poetry

By Phyllis Kennedy

Phyllis Kennedy creates Inspirational stories and poems that impact lives. She also has a great passion in teaching English and Literature. She can be reached on admin@pentrums.com for personal coaching and professional engagements.

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