‘I Love You’

Be the shoulder I can lean on

Lend an ear to my troubled mind

Wipe my desperate tears

Massage my exhausted back

Don’t just say the three-letter word

Relieve me of dishwashing 

As I change our son’s diapers

Iron our clothes as I set the table

Give me the thrill of a home-prepared meal

One from the one I love:

Be long-suffering as you wait for me

To clean up all the mess left behind.

Don’t just say the three-letter word.

Take me out on a date—a real date

Like old days, pamper me with chocolate

I’d appreciate surprise gifts, flowers and

The long-distance road trips

Just you and I talking and talking forever,

Let’s gaze at the starry night, hands interlocked

Then I’ll understand the three-letter word

The vows—remember the vows we made 

First between us, then before them all

Love would glow, and helpmates, we’d become

There is nothing you wouldn’t do—nothing.

No obstacles would sway us, for unity is strength

Beautiful children would be our pride

Bringing them up together would be our challenge

Don’t just say, ‘I Love You’

By Phyllis Kennedy

Phyllis Kennedy creates Inspirational stories and poems that impact lives. She also has a great passion in teaching English and Literature. She can be reached on admin@pentrums.com for personal coaching and professional engagements.

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